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If you would like to support our work by making a monetary donation you may do so online or by mail. To donate online please click the paypal button below. To send a donation by mail simply make your check payable to "Animal Alliance" and mail it to the following address:
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recently adopted

Check out some of our most recently adopted animals by following the link below.

recently adopted

dog adoption fees

Puppies 8 Months and Younger : $525
Under 8 Years Old: $375
Groomed: $425
8 years & Older: $250

Dog Adoption Fees include Spay/Neuter, DHPP (Distemper Combo), and Rabies Vaccines, and in most cases (but not all), dogs are also vaccinated for Canine Influenza. Dogs are also treated with Frontline Flea/Tick Preventative and are dewormed multiple times prior to adoption. All dogs are microchipped.

cat adoption fees

Kitten Up To 12 Months: $125
Adult 1 Year+: $75

Cat adoption fees include Spay/Neuter, Feline Leukemia/FIV blood test, FVRCP (Distemper Combo) & Rabies Vaccine

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Animal Alliance
PO Box 1285
Belle Mead, NJ 08502
(609) 818-1952

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Animal Alliance places anywhere from 350 - 500 animals into adoptive homes each year. We pride ourselves on our simple and straight-forward adoption process that involves an online application and a meeting with the pet. We want to make it EASY for people to adopt a pet, while ensuring that the animals entrusted to our care will be safe and happy in their new homes. Animal Alliance does not adopt adult dogs into households with children under 9 years of age, since it is an accepted national statistic that most childhood dog bites are from the family pet in children under 9 years of age.

Meet the animals ready for adoption

Adopt a Cat Would you like to help a rescued cat the best way possible? Meet our cats who are ready for a good home.
adopt a cat
Adopt a Dog Want to adopt a rescued dog? Meet our dogs who anxiously await a good home.
adopt a dog

Adoption Application Form

adopt an animal

MAKE ADOPTION YOUR FIRST OPTION! Adopt a dog or cat from Animal Alliance & watch your life become more rewarding, interesting, funnier, livelier and fulfilling!

Please fill out an adoption application for any pet you are interested. Click here to view all our pets available for adoption on our Petfinder site. Each pet has 3 photos and a short biography.

Animal Alliance's animals are altered, vaccinated and assessed by our staff for any serious behavioral problems prior to placement with an adoptive family. The first few days post-adoption can be stressful as the pet gets used to its new routine and you get used to having a new 4-legged furry creature underfoot.

Click here to download an adoption contract.

7 Reasons To Crate Train Your Dog.

fostering a pet

Nearly every animal that comes to Animal Alliance can benefit from foster care. While we have our own kennel to house dogs awaiting adoption, foster homes really assist Animal Alliance in readying pets for permanent adoptive homes.

Some dogs come to Animal Alliance injured or ill and in need of a place to recuperate quietly from their wounds. Sometimes, dogs have been psychologically impaired by cruelty or neglect and need to learn to trust humans again. Some dogs are over-exuberant and need training to teach them manners. Some are well-adjusted great dogs already but need a break from the kennel.

A foster home assists with the rehabilitation of a dog by offering it a temporary home until a permanent adoptive home is identified. There is a lot of work involved in fostering and dogs may remain with their foster homes for several months. The foster home provides food, exercise and attention. All medical care is provided by Animal Alliance's Planned Pethood Clinic at no charge. If a prescription diet or medication of any kind are required we will provide these.

Fostering a dog frees up a cage in our shelter which clears the way for us to rescue another needy dog.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please call Animal Alliance at 609.818.1952 and fill out a foster care application by following the link below.

Click here for the foster care application.

Click here to download a foster care contract.

veterinary excellence

Routine care for our animals is provided by the staff veterinarians at Planned Pethood. Services include a routine medical exam, age-appropriate distemper & rabies vaccinations, de-worming, flea & tick preventatives, leukemia & FIV testing for cats and microchipping for dogs. We routinely accept animals in immediate need of skilled veterinary care due to horrific abuse, neglect & illness.

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