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Kennel Staff

The Kennel Staff

Pictured from left to right: Justin Reilly (Kennel Attendant), Marissa Miesnieks (Kennel Attendant), and Morgan Misiur (Adoption Team Leader). Together these individuals run the Animal Alliance kennel operation, which acts as a shelter for 40 dogs awaiting adoption. The dogs entrusted to their care receive specialized attention from this highly skilled group of dog lovers who have chosen a profession in animal sheltering. The high standards of sanitation and enrichment in the Animal Alliance shelter is the cornerstone of all work done on behalf of the dogs awaiting adoption.

Morgan Misiur is the Adoption Team Leader and organizes, runs, and attends the weekly weekend adoption days and all special adoption events. Morgan also meets prospective adopters by appointment once their application to adopt has been approved. She also works part-time in the Animal Alliance kennel and knows the AA dogs very well. Morgan and her husband have a small menagerie at home, including 5 rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Justin Riley is a professional bass player and music teacher who also works part time in the Animal Alliance kennel. Justin loves dogs very much and he and his girlfriend Yolanda have adopted 2 Animal Alliance dogs, Tiny and Pippa, both of whom are spoiled to pieces.

Marissa Miesnieks is a student and also works part time at the Animal Alliance kennel. Marissa adopted her dog G from Animal Alliance and is a world-class animal lover. Marissa is great with all the dogs, regardless of breed or size.

Diane Hutton

Diane Hutton
adoption coordinator & foster guardian

Diane Hutton is Animal Alliance's Adoption Coordinator, and truly the "glue" that holds everyone and everything at Animal Alliance together. From her command post at her home in Titusville, Diane fields over 100 e-mails and phone calls each day. Diane screens applications for suitability to the particular pet of interest, contacts all prospective adopters and arranges their meetings with the animal they are interested in adopting. She is an expert foster mother who has fostered countless litters of puppies and their mothers, bottle-feeding kittens, and a variety of other special medical cases. Diane and her husband John retired from the restaurant business 15 years ago and own an RV so they can drive to their second home in Florida with their menagerie, which include 3 cats & 2 dogs - Oliver, rescued as an emaciated and neglected Maltese and Eddie, a 3-legged Chihuahua who arrived at Animal Alliance with 2 badly broken front legs. A lifelong animal lover, vegetarian, and longtime insomniac, Diane works tirelessly on behalf of the creatures entrusted to the care of Animal Alliance, working full days and well into the night to help connect animals to their forever homes and coordinating the myriad of logistics that make adoptions happen day in and day out.

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