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Just a note to say how much we love CJ. He has only been home for a couple of hours, but already I can see he is feeling right at home!

He spent the first hour exploring the house and getting all the scents down. He kept following Bob around the house (I think CJ knew something was "different" about Bob. What an insightful dog!

Anyway, we gave CJ a snack then went to the bedroom to "chill" and watch some TV with CJ. Well, before we could blink an eye, he was up on the bed with us snuggling between the two of us!! What a wonderful dog!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful things you do for dogs AND people! We will take good care of CJ and will keep calling him CJ in honor of his first mom and dad. God bless you!

PS. - The only regret is buying that luxury pillow bed for him... I don't think he'll be using it much :)