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Hannah & Robin (formerly Eavian & Melody)

Hannah & Robin (formerly Eavian & Melody)

This is a double-happy ending! On 6-23-07, both "Eavian" (a little cockapoo) and "Melody" (a little Lhasa Apso) joined our family. I had applied to adopt "Eavian" after seeing her photos and reading her story on Petfinder. After several helpful conversations with her foster-dad, Lou, and consulting with my own quadrapeds about adopting a sister, we all agreed a drive to PA was in order. (Yay! Road Trip!) Lou had told me about "Melody" over the phone and, after meeting her, we quickly agreed there was room in the car for all of us on the drive back to Silver Spring MD.

We have renamed our little cockapoo "Robin" since she bobs right along and our little Lhasa Apso is now "Hannah" since she suddenly has a forever home complete with three sisters. So now we are a family of five: me and my four canines.

My first adoption in 1999, was Lucy. Lucy is a spitz mix who is now about nine years old. She is definitely a "Lucy Goosey" with a heart of gold and I am thrilled but not surprised at how well she has taken to her new sisters. In 2005 I adopted Princess Margot, a cockapoo who was then 13 years old. Margot has just turned 16 and has a somewhat reserved personality unless lap-time or treats are involved. Then she can wag her tail and do her little prance-dance with the best of them.

I am recently retired, and wanted to include more dogs in my life. When I look at the on-line adoption sites, which is how I came to adopt Robin and Hannah, I know I can't adopt every single lovable cutie big-hearted dog out there. And I take comfort in knowing that each of the dogs on the sites is already safe from harm. They are the lucky ones because sooner or later they will find their perfect forever home. And when they do, space becomes available with the miracle-working volunteers who foster. A huge thank you to all the Animal Alliance volunteers who foster — what a service! And special thanks to Lou and Karen who fostered Robin and Hannah, and who facilitated the whole adoption process and were such gracious hosts to Lucy, Princess Margot and me.