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This dog, a purebred boxer weighed 22 pounds when we got him, he went home at 50 pounds. He was hospitalized for 2 months. This is one of my all time favorite happy endings. I have no before photos of this dog because it was so sickening to even look at him. I slept in the crate with him the first night here, he at 9 cans of dog food from my hand, a chunk at a time, he was so weak, he ate lying down. I took him to the hospital the next day, he was still half dead. Finding these photos made me so happy."   ~ Anne

Dear Diane,
It has now been just over five months since we were given the honor of adopting Tony, now known as Karma, from Animal Alliance. I just wanted to write you and share some pictures and a he wants to say a few words about his new life
'Hi Diane, it's me Karma (well, you know me as Tony) and I just wanted to say thank you to Animal Alliance for rescuing me. I am so happy in my new home. I have been the best boy I can be ever since I arrived. I love everyone here, including the kitty (even though she smacks me if I try to kiss or sniff her).

I sleep with my mommy because she takes me on a two mile walk every morning. When I get home, I go upstairs to wake up my daddy so he can read the paper. I eat my breakfast (but only if I want to) and then I hop on the couch for a nap.

My boy leaves for work around 8:00 am, so I give him kisses before he goes but I'm usually sleepy so I stay on the couch! Around 11am I go with my daddy to Yum Yum Donuts for coffee. I love to go in the car! Sometimes we run errands too.

My boy gets home from work around 3pm and I am always waiting at the door when he comes home. He takes me outside to play and run around the yard for a while and then we come in and watch TV.

I am such a good boy outside. I wear my leash for walks, but I never leave my property even if I'm off my leash (my family never lets me outside alone). I know sit, stay, and come and I never disobey them.

My mommy comes home at 4pm I am always excited to see her and I wag my little stump as fast as it can go! I hang out until dinner time and I usually eat all my food because people put special stuff in there just for me! After I'm done my dinner, I go sit by daddy because he's known to share his dinner too J.

After dinner, my boy takes me outside to take cate of "business". I love to race around my yard and pounce on leaves. After that I'm pretty tired, so I either take a nap on the couch or I go nap on my mommy's bed.

My boy takes me out again around 10pm in case I need to water the yard. My daddy says I need to learn how to water it evenly! I am usually really tired after my long day, so I hop up on mommy's bed to settle in for the night. Mommy calls me an angel because I "brought my family together" whatever that means, I guess it's good!'

Well, that is all for now. Please share this with Annie and the staff at the animal hospital I'm sure they would love to know how much all their effort and love paid off. I can't thank Animal Alliance enough for bringing us together!
With Sincerity and Love,
John and Karma