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Lady Rosebud

Lady Rosebud

The dog who we knew as Rose was discharged with 2 others, Lily and Mack from a puppy mill. After years of service, productivity, and profit-making for the owners of the puppy mill, they all deserved the good life! They came to AA via another rescue. Now Rose is “Lady Rosebud” and is clearly living large.

We adopt so many dogs each week, and get so many fabulous updates and photos just like this from adopters, [This demonstrates] the power and necessity of teamwork, for without it, these 3 dogs would never have arrived at AA.

A special thank you to AA adopter and volunteer Joan Drelles who kindly drove hours and retrieved the 3 dogs when I was away for the weekend. Joan generously let them bunk at her house overnight before delivering them to me the next day. Without Joan, we would have had to take a pass on these dogs, so they literally owe their happy lives to her.

Thank you to Heather Edwards who coordinated logistics with Twin Tiers Rescue to make this happen, and brought this unique situation to my attention in the first place (ordinarily we are not asked to take puppy mill dogs).

And, of course, no repeatedly bred puppy mill Pomeranian could go on to her new life without a layover at Happy Tails Grooming Spa, the beauty parlor for all AA dogs. Kudos to John and Mary for making lemonade out of a true lemon; this dog had massive fleas and just wisps of hair to work with, yet they bathed and brushed and combed a half bald dog and made her look as fluffy and soft as spun sugar.|

(A quick aside on John and Mary: I just plowed into their peaceful Friday night last night, delivering 2 massively matted dogs to them at 8 pm. As usual, they cheerfully dropped everything to immediately relieve the suffering of these animals, promptly donning their grooming suits, plugging in 2 clippers and getting right to work.

One dog’s legs had been “casted” by mats for so long, she couldn’t stand once they were cut, as Mary guided her bald and quivering legs into proper position, she fell). Diane Hutton, AA’s website manager, who made the perfect match between this dog and adopter as she does week in, week out, relentlessly screening potential adopters for suitability. Dr. Lesley Vannerson of both Nassau Animal Hospital and Belle Mead Animal Hospital altered all 3 dogs, and chose to foster Mack herself before adopting him to a longtime colleague.

Gail Fisher, AA’s talented website photographer, took lovely photos of Rose as she does of all our dogs. Gail photographed Rose at a certain angle to hide the baldness, and got Rose on the AA site in a timely fashion (no easy feat).

And, a big thank you to Peg Buehler, who exposed the vile horrors of puppy mills to me years ago. Peg works tirelessly in the shadows of the mills with her husband Bob, getting dogs out in droves via their highly regarded Shih Tzu Rescue. A consummate professional, Peg has been a friend and mentor to me over the years.

If these animals only knew how many humans work together, side by side, each doing their part to get them to the safety of an adoptive home. . . . .no one person could do it alone!

Warm Regards to All,

~ Anne

Founder and President
Animal Alliance

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