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LeLa (formerly Oleisha)

LeLa (formerly Oleisha)

If it wasn't for the AMAZING crew of Animal Alliance I would have never been blessed with my LeLa. She is a fabulous girl that had stolen my heart from the first day I saw her. When I first was introduced to Olesia it seemed that her spirit was broken and she just stared at me telling me she was just starving for affection.

When I sat down next to her she leaned on my side, put her head in my lap and looked at me as if she finally felt "accepted". I feel like there was an instant bond when that sweet face looked up at me. I knew she was a gift from God.

When I first took her home she was very wary towards anyone who approached her. She would cower to the floor and look at me like "mommy help". This told me that she had possibly been abused prior to being rescued by AA. I took my time working with her on socialization and it proved to be exactly what she needed to boost her confidence and realize that she no longer had to be scared.

LeLa has come so far from when i first adopted her. She is full of life and greets people with kisses now. I take her EVERYWHERE with me and she has made many friends with the "human kind". Some days she enjoys just being a couch potato but other days she likes to go to a big open field where she can run around rip roaring, then roll on her back and wiggle in the grass.

I ABSOLUTELY adore her and she knows it. She is such a ray of sunshine to anyone who crosses her path. How lucky I am that she had chosen me!!

Sometimes when she looks at me with that big smile on her face I know she has to be t hinking "Life Is Good".

Tara and LeLa