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Lola (formerly Julia)

Lola (formerly Julia)

We are so excited to have Lola in our lives, and we just love her to bits! She has been a complete angel. She is noticeably less possessive of her toys already, and even tolerated sharing her toys with another dog this past weekend. A little begrudgingly of course, but she is really amazing us in her four days home so far!

She loves all the rowers at the boat house and frankly she expects every person she meets to give her at least a little love. I guess she already knows how good looking she is. ; )

The only habit we are trying to break her of is her desire to jump up on the couch with us. We've been pretty strict in saying no, and she knows what we mean when we say no. We aren't sure who will win that battle, but we try to make the floor attractive to her by cuddling her and playing with her on the floor so she knows that the couch isn't necessarily the best spot in the house.

Then again, we can't complain because she doesn't chew on furniture at all. She loves chewing on sticks & straw though, which is fine because there are plenty of stray sticks in the back yard for her to chew up into mulch.

Thanks for forwarding on her medical information. Here are a few photos from weekend #1 if you are interested.

We will keep in touch about fostering. We are both very open to the idea, and probably just need to figure out more about our little Lola and the support structure we are putting in place first. Hopefully it is obvious, but we take our commitment to these little pups pretty seriously and really want to provide the healthiest and happiest of homes for Lola and any others we might take care of.

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