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Richie (formerly Archie)

Richie (formerly Archie)

Several months ago, the Martin family adopted our foster Ricky. Last month, they adopted another foster, Archie, (now Richie).

You have no idea how much joy Ricky and Richie give us daily. They really are perfect together. We are so lucky.

Anyway, Richie is a wildebeest! He is so spunky and a real wild man! He's just hysterical. They play, fight and really love each other. They are always looking for the other one.

Its funny, but part of Richie's wild personality has rubbed off onto Ricky and part of Ricky's calm personality has rubbed off onto Richie. Richie's nickname is "what about me?" Anytime there's anything going on, he has to be in the middle of it all. He climbs up and is right there in your face - no matter what. He's always ready to go in the car — even though he sometimes gets carsick.

We can't even open the basement door without him flying down the steps ready to get in the car. Ricky, on the other hand,waits at the top of the steps. He's really a patient man. Its so funny how they're on the same schedule. Play time at a certain time, nap time, bone chewing time... etc. They know just what to do. God only knows what goes on when we're out. As long as there's no blood when I get home, I'm happy.

Richie went in the swimming pool today for the first time. I held him the whole time and he was a little scared, I think. But he survived. I'll try again some more another day. I don't think Ricky will take to it too well. But I'll see. Maybe if he sees Richie in one day he'll want to try it.

The two of them sure bring life to this house — and to work. I don't really let the maniac (Richie) upstairs without supervision. I can't even imagine what he's capable of. He sure is a spunky one! He just climbs on everything: the back of the couch, the kitchen chairs that lead to the tabletop. You name it and he's there.

I lost him a few times in the house and didn't know where to look. Once he was on a ledge in the sunroom (the new playroom, they love it when to door opens, they come running) then another time he was hiding on a chair under the table in the dining room. He loves the yard. He sunbathes on the deck and doesn't want to come in.

Last weekend we went to a friend's beachhouse and they both loved the sand and the people passing on the boardwalk. Well, its now rawhide chewing time; they are both laying parallel to each other chewing. Its helping their breath somewhat. They don't like the doggie mints.

So they keep busy, and we keep busy.

Take care,