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Sasha (formerly Avi)

Oh my God - he is just such a love! He follows us everywhere and is an absolute cuddle bug!

The other dogs are a little aloof yet, but no fights, growling, etc., so we are glad for that. He is doing well with the cats too!

And, he is so smart -- he learned the pet door in less than a day! We really struggled to come up with a name and so far have ended up with Sasha which is Alex in Russian. It sounds like a girl's name though but he is so sweet it somehow fits. I'll let you know if we stick with it or not.

Janis, you would never know he is as old as he supposedly is. He runs like gazelle, hops with the energy of a bunny and, with his coloring, he looks like a shephard puppy except for the floppy ears. What a cutie pie!

Thank you again for allowing us to be his guardian. He is a wonderful addition to our family and will be spoiled rotten with love and attention!