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When my husband and I adopted Rosa a few weeks ago, Annie didn't happen to have her camera with her, so she asked us to send a picture. So here you go!

I think she looks happier now than when we took these pictures (her ears are up all the time), but I didn't want to delay any longer.

Annie said Rosa didn't really know that name, so we've given her a new one: Varda. Varda has been settling in really well and is winning friends everywhere. She loves absolutely everybody and our friends think she is awesome. A few of them wouldn't mind taking her home themselves! She has been utterly wonderful with our cat, Shanna, who has been adjusting so much more quickly than we thought possible.

It is amazing that anyone could have let this great dog go or have treated her so poorly. Thank you so much, especially Annie, for suggesting Rosa/Varda was the best dog for us. She really is!
Take care!

~ Keith and Stephen

PS - We picked the name Varda because it is the name of a goddess who put the stars into the sky. Since Varda/Rosa is black with just a little white, we thought she looks a little like the night sky with just a few stars. We then found out that Varda also means "rose" in Hebrew. I guess it was meant to be.