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Wolfie (formerly Hans)

Wolfie (formerly Hans)

This is Michelle B, Wolfie's new mommy, [Hans]. Just wanted to share some new pictures of him at his new home.

He is doing great and is not your typical puppy. We leave him at home while we are at work and school. He still has the doggie door access to the fenced-in back yard all day and he spends his time playing with his new siblings and mostly sleeping.

But when we come home our couches are still intact, our curtains are still hung and he is going to the bathroom outside like a big boy. He is such a good boy!

Also wanted to tell you that his ears are almost standing up and we had our first doctor's visit last week. He now has his rabies, all his puppy shots and a clean bill of health.

Just wanted to send a little note so everyone there knows that he is doing well.

Thank you,
Michelle and Adam B